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Nam Long is approaching its third decade since it first opened its doors. Its popularity has spiralled from the late 80s to remain strong to today, it has played host to many night owls as the perfect playground.


If you are in the Oxford Circus area of London looking for a good cocktail or two then this establishment is worth a try.  The interior bar has a chic international style with a  dark, sexy bar, circular in shape and ideal for perching and people watching.  If you are one for cocktails then the drinks on offer here certainly reflect their price tag, and although the views are not as good as some rooftop bars in London we would recommend giving this a try.


Below the pavement of Shaftesbury Avenue, at the top of Monmouth Street, down a flight of steps into a high-ceilinged basement, the Freud café has been serving legendary cocktails and much else besides since 1986. In the evenings it comes alive with London buzz.


Established, approximately, in 1890, it’s widely considered to be the oldest wine bar in the whole of London, and has been frequented by the likes of G. K. Chesterton and Rudyard Kipling (he who wrote exceedingly good books). Cheese, of course, is a given. In fact, there are over twenty cheeses to choose from!


Slip away from the fray of high street shopping to relax in this bright and sleek home of Pavilion Wines. The bright and airy tasting room upstairs will quickly become your favourite hangout to relax in.