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The Best Places to Watch London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Posted:December 22, 2023 at 1:32 am

As the clock ticks down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, there are many possibilities for those seeking the perfect vantage point to witness London’s fireworks display. To ensure you have a front-row seat, we’ve curated a list of the best places to watch the display. So, pack your warmest attire, gather your loved ones and prepare to be captivated by the magic of London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks from these special locations.


1. Victoria Embankment and South Bank

Photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Why choose this spot? The Victoria Embankment and South Bank offer a classic and picturesque view of the Thames River, with the London Eye as the centrepiece of the fireworks display. The South Bank is the official viewing area for the London Eye fireworks and one of the most sought-after spots for unobstructed views. Since 2014, the event has been ticketed to ensure fun and safety for all.
  • Pro Tip: Secure your spot early, bring along some snacks and warm drinks, and enjoy the festive atmosphere along the riverbank.


2. Primrose Hill

  • Why choose this spot? Venture north to Primrose Hill, and you will find some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city, stretching from Canary Wharf in the east to Westminster on the opposite side. This elevated vantage point provides an unobstructed view of the fireworks cascading over London’s landmarks.
  • Pro tip: Arrive well in advance to claim your spot, and don’t forget to dress warmly, as the hilltop can get chilly in the late evening.


3. Greenwich Park

  • Why choose this spot? Greenwich Park offers a regal setting for welcoming the New Year, with a stunning view of the cityscape and the Royal Observatory. The expansive grounds provide a comfortable space to enjoy the festivities.
  • Pro tip: Explore the park during the day and reserve a spot early for an optimal view.


4. Alexandra Palace

  • Why choose this Spot? Alexandra Palace hosts an impressive New Year’s Eve fireworks display against the backdrop of London’s skyline. This family-friendly venue often features entertainment and food stalls for a festive experience.
  • Pro tip: Check for ticketed events at Alexandra Palace, and arrive early to maximise the pre-fireworks entertainment. Public transport is recommended to avoid traffic congestion.


5. Tower Bridge and Tower of London

  • Why choose this spot? The area around Tower Bridge and the Tower of London provides a unique New Year’s Eve revelry setting. Witness the fireworks against the historical backdrop of these iconic landmarks.
  • Pro tip: Explore the Tower of London before settling in for the fireworks. Due to the popularity of this location, plan to arrive early and use public transport to avoid the crowds.


6. Cannon Street

  • Why choose this spot? Cannot Street is conveniently located near the official ticketed viewing areas, offering prime views without the need for an expense. Bridges in central London share a similar scenario. Southwark Bridge stands out as the top choice, situated close to the spectacle with breathtaking views. In previous years, Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge were accessible to the public, but please note that both will be closed this year.
  • Pro tip: Anticipate substantial crowds, so arriving early is advisable.

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